Dr Parag Vora’s Travel Guide – Burlington and Hamilton Diaries

Hello everyone, my name is Parag Vora and in the past 10 years, I have done remarkable work as a radiologist in McMaster. You can read about the ‘Dr Parag Vora‘ side of me on the linked Medium post. In 2019, I want to work into an entirely unique project, which is being a Local Guide for Burlington and Hamilton, Canada.

Besides being a radiologist, I always had interest in travel. For my 2019, I decided to work in the same direction and hence created this blog to build myself as a digital Travel Guide for my beloved Hamilton and Burlington.

So, here I’m to blog about Local travel in Hamilton,Burlington and all over Canada.

Hamilton & Burlington – Travel attractions

Canada has a lot to offer in terms of tourism. I will give you an overview about some of the things not to miss if you planning a trip to Hamilton or Burlington, Canada in near or far future.

  • Practice snow-based sports in winters
  • Nature and wildlife areas in Hamilton
  • Famous museums and parks of Burlington
  • Waterfalls like Albion Falls and Chedoke Falls in Hamilton and Burlington.

The child version of Parag Vora loved to explore the beautiful parks of Hamilton and Burlington. As a kid, I also explored various neighbouring regions of Canada.

Hope you all will support and guide me in my plan of becoming a digital travel expert for Burlington and Hamilton regions. It’s all because of your love and likes for my previous posts that I have thought of starting a different blog for my Burlington and Hamilton travel guide.

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Guide Dr Parag Vora

I’m looking forward to hear more comments and suggestions from you about my Dr Parag Vora of Burlington, Hamilton’s avataar as Local Travel Expert. What kind of content you would like to see more on this blog? Please share!

I will be here soon with travel ideas, local travel tips, and money saving hacks for travel to Canada . For more updates, let’s connect through Parag Vora McMaster’s social media:

Dr Parag Vora on twitter

Dr Parag Vora on facebook

Dr Parag Vora on Crunchbase

Dr Parag Vora on linkedIn

If you enjoyed this blog post, share it with friends and help me grow my readership as Parag Vora, the Hamilton and Burlington travel guide. Thank you all!


Author: paragvoraMcmaster

Dr Parag Vora works as a Radiologist with McMaster in, Hamilton, Canada. Passionate about Burlington travel, radiology, and food! Blogging on local travel & radiology

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